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    Random screen glitch and shutdown (MBP 2012)
    Since updating to Yosemite my MBP will occasionally have a screen glitch then shut down. The first two time I was watching either Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Watch in fullscreen. Last night it did it again while just the screen saver was running.

    Here's a photo I snapped before it shutdown:

    Can anyone tell me what might be causing this and how to fix it?

    Many thanks in advance!!

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    Random screen glitch and shutdown (MBP 2012)
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    That doesn't look like something caused by an update to Yosemite. It looks more like a hardware problem with your graphics. Try attaching your MacBook Pro to an external monitor or TV and let it go for awhile to see if the same thing happens. You will need the proper adapter and cable to attach it to an external monitor or TV.

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