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    Clearing Corrupt Files
    Very new to MAC. Bought new iMac recently. I found I had viruses after a few weeks. I have had viruses eliminated but still have been told by some techs that I should have any files, corrupted by the viruses, eliminated. Have noted no difference in performance at any stage so what should I do. It' s going to cost me money I cannot afford.

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    Clearing Corrupt Files
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    You don't have viruses on your new iMac because there are no viruses in the wild that can infect your Mac. There is malware which can be avoided by staying away from bad web sites. Any so called viruses discovered on your Mac are likely Windows type viruses which were attached to email you received from Windows users. Those viruses can not harm your iMac. Just delete the email and they're gone.

    Please read through the posts and sticky posts in our "Security Awareness" forum. And don't accept advice about your new iMac from "techs" who may know nothing about Mac hardware or the operating system. Always contact Apple support or go to a genuine Apple Store for advice. You have 90 days of free telephone support from Apple that you can take advantage of.

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    It just need you to be aware of what you are doing with your mac. Think before you click.

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