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    Ensuring a PDF prints at 100% size
    I use Adobe Creative Cloud and Mavericks OS v 10.9.5. I’m trying to create A4 PDF files for web download and printing on home/desktop printers. Most printers have a default setting that will either clip some of the artwork along a border or borders at 100% size or ‘shrink to fit’ the A4 paper. Is there way of ‘embedding’ instructions when generating the PDF telling it ALWAYS to print at 100% size whatever the end printer - and if so is there a standard allowable border to avoid clipping artwork? Reason I ask is that the finished size (100%) is crucial for the design to work

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    Ensuring a PDF prints at 100% size

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    I'd suggest checking with Adobe on this one

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    Quote Originally Posted by sullij View Post
    I'd suggest checking with Adobe on this one
    (belated) Thankyou, sullij. As luck would have it I met one of the head designers from Adobe the other day and asked him. It seems there's no way of embedding instructions in the PDF itself to print at 100% as default. I think I'll just have to include instructions to the user somewhere re the print settings

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