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    10.5.1 with an eMac Power PC iTunes missing songs

    I have seen other posts on the www about itunes not able to locate files, and can't figure out how to resolve it.

    I have an eMac Power PC 1.42 with iTunes 10.6.3

    Can't load iLife 10, says I need to have 10.5.+ but when I try downloading the software up date it does not ever download! it say configuring instalation, and never moves! I have to do a hard shut down.

    History, I upgraded to 10.5.1 Leopard, before I shipped out to Bahrain, I moved all the music from me external HD to the HD on the Mac.

    It worked, itunes could locate everything.

    I got here and fried something inside on the 229 volt, had it repaired, but when I tried finding music, it gave me the same errors.

    I reloaded the 10.5.1 OS and I think iLife and it worked and has worked for six months.

    I always ignore the upgrade flashing icon, clause I don't want to make any changes.

    The other night I began to get the cannot locate files again.

    I have reloaded the OS but still can't get it to work.


    I need some tunes. I can't even find the Original MP3/4 songs like I used to be able to find.

    I think someone said Apple now hides your own music from yourself. Any help finding them would be nice too.

    But the main thing is how to repoint the itunes


    The other night

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    10.5.1 with an eMac Power PC iTunes missing songs
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    It sounds like your hard drive may be starting to fail and go goofy.

    Try booting into Safe Boot Mode, press and hold the shift key only when you hear the boot sound, login and run Disk Utility and Repair Permissions and Verify Disk. And check what DU says about S.M.A.R.T status.

    To find any missing files, download and use Find Any File and use it to find and locate any missing files etc. Stoplight (aka Spotlight) won't normally find such files.

    Thomas Tempelmann - Find Any File

    And make sure you get the old PPC version!!!

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