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    Exclamation 10.9.2 CPU Panic Error Please help!
    Hello, I don't know if this is allowed to mention here but the people on the tonymacx86 forums don't help me at all.

    I have been on a Mac all my life but decided it was time to do a Hackintosh, I am using UniBeast to install OSX, but when ever I get to the load screen I see the Apple symbol then the circle with the dashes appears below it then the error message pops up (I have been getting different ones but they seem to be all similar; picture is attached.) It fluctuates between CPU panics as I try different troubleshooting, but this was the one I most commonly got.

    I have been searching the web for 2 days to no avail, I really hope someone can help me. It would be GREATLY appreciated.

    My hardware is an i7 4770K CPU, Gigabyte GA-Z87-UDH3 mobo, and GeForce GTX 760 GPU.

    (the image function wouldn't work so I had to link it)

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    10.9.2 CPU Panic Error Please help!
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    Gday and welcome to the forums.

    Why would you be using that software to install OS X, you do not say which version, if this is on a Mac? If this was to install say Mountain Lion or later on a 32bit Mac Pro, give it a miss as it can be fatal.

    If the computer, hard to tell from 'my hardware' is say Mavericks compatible, you may well be better erasing the hard drive, formatting and doing a clean install. You will need an Apple ID to download the operating system.
    If this is on a PC sorry no help.
    Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    10.9.2 CPU Panic Error Please help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dodex View Post
    I have been on a Mac all my life but decided it was time to do a Hackintosh...
    Sorry. We do not discuss hackintosh here.

    - Nick
    - Too many "beachballs", read this: Beachballs
    - Computer seems slower than it used to? Read this for some slow computer tips: Speedup
    - Almost full hard drive? Some solutions. Out of Space
    - Apple Battery Info. Battery

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