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    no screen display, stays black
    I recently spilt a small amount of juice on my 5 month old MacBook pro. It worked fine for a day or two, but then I herd a faint noise and screen turned black and will not display anymore. Everything else seems to be functioning fine. I hear it boot up when I hit a key it is responding so sound is fine the keyboard lights up it charges, just the screen stays black once in a while when I try to turn it on you can tell the screen kind of blinks but then nothing. Any thoughts what blew, what I need to replace?? I opened it up and really didn't look to bad a few traces of sticky dried up juice, but not a lot at all I cleaned it up with a swab and alcohol. Any suggestions?

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    no screen display, stays black
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    Please read this:

    Sorry...nothing special going on here. Follow the info in the thread. Liquids + computers = unhappy computer!

    - Nick
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    - Apple Battery Info. Battery

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    no screen display, stays black
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    I fear the worst for your MacBook. And whatever damage was done it will not be covered by any warranty. It's not likely to be something you can tweak or fix yourself. Going forward, my best suggestion is a five foot rule: no liquids of any kind within 5 feet of the computer. Working on the kitchen table? Move any vessel containing liquid off the table, and do not allow anyone else to bring a liquid to the table... etc.

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