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    Lightbulb Take Hard Disk image of iMac 2008 and reimage onto iMac 2013
    Hi Mac folk,

    I currently have a 2008 iMac running Mountain Lion. I want to upgrade to an iMac 2013, without having to reinstall all my apps and configuration.

    Is is possible for me to take an image from the iMac 2008 disk, and then reimage it onto the new iMac 2013??

    If possible, what utilities do you recommend?

    Many thanks.

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    Image? No. The hardware isn't the same, so imaging it won't work at all. But you CAN make a Time Machine backup then on the new machine, before you create any accounts, use Migration Assistant to migrate your account from the TM backup to the new machine, which will intelligently restore Apps, documents and configurations as much as can be done. So what you need is Time Machine, which you have, and an external drive.

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    Take Hard Disk image of iMac 2008 and reimage onto iMac 2013
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    As Jake advises, Time Machine is the way to go. The first time you turn on the new iMac the Migration Assistant will run and ask if you wish to transfer data from another Mac. I have done that very procedure numerous times and it works well. A word of caution though... do not create an account on the new machine before running the Migration Assistant or you may wind up with some duplication and confusion.

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