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    What is this and how to disable it?!?!
    Hi, since I installed Mavericks, every time I write a password or user name in a web site, this option appears (image attached), it appears even at the middle of the password and selects part of it, so when I continue writing the new characters it erases the previous ones, this is very annoying, since I have to be clicking the cancel button on this option several times while writing a password, this is driving me crazy!!!

    Can anyone please tell me what is it and how to disable it?!?!

    Thanks in advance!!
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    What is this and how to disable it?!?!
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    Never seen it, but I don;t think I've typed a password in for several years.

    Until, someone else comes along, have you tried just ignoring it, type in your password and press enter.
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    I can't ignore it, if I don't click the cancel option I rewrite over the selected characters, so I have to click the cancel "x" several times while typing a password. It didn't happened before mavericks. #annoying

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    What is this and how to disable it?!?!
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    Only thing I can think of is some kind of text substitution happening.
    Go to System Preferences > Language & Text > Text and edit the substitution list or turn it off completely.

    Or perhaps the new emoji support,
    In Safari click in a text field and then look under Edit Menu > Substitutions > Emoji
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    thank you McYukon....I've solved it, you where on the right track....I've just disabled the option to automatically correct the spelling and grammar from Safari...apparently the tool was somehow giving me "options" to correct the password as if it was suggesting a correction of a misspelled its not appearing anymore....this didn't happened before I installed mavericks, so I think this is a problem that apple should correct in a future mavericks upgrade, since the tool shouldn't give you options to correct a password as if it was a misspelled word, specially if the password appears in dots!!...thanks!!

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    What is this and how to disable it?!?!
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    Everyone is quick to blame Mavericks...

    It wasn't Mavericks. When you installed Mavericks you also installed a new version of Safari which has these new options. Just use another browser; Firefox or Chrome and you won't have the problem.

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