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    Proxy Server Settings Question
    Hello guys,

    I am a new mac user and i have a question for all you older users. I recently moved to china so in order to browse the net without censorship i used freegate on my windows pc. I have successfully managed freegate to work on my macbook using wine but i have an issue. In order to be able to browse the net without using freegate i changed my proxy settings on my firefox browser so that i can access blocked sites through it and i did not change any wireless preference settings on my OSx. My problem is that now i cannot use apps like twitter since they use the proxy settings i have not changed. Is there anyway i can setup a proxy only for my applications and keep safari working without proxy?

    Thanks in advance for the assistance

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    Proxy Server Settings Question
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    Firefox's proxy settings do not affect System Network Settings, I suspect that you somehow changed the Systems Network Settings elsewhere.

    Open System Preferences > Network, make sure the little lock in the bottom left is unlocked, and then click on the Advanced Button. Click on "Proxies" and make sure they are all unchecked.

    Hit OK, and then Apply and everything should be as normal.

    If you want to send single apps though a proxy that don't support their opening their own proxy tunnels (Like Safari, or most other apps) I suggest using Proxifier
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