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    Activity Monitor won't show all processes
    Been having trouble recently with huge amounts of RAM being used, leaving me with less than 20MB free. Problem is, when I open Activity monitor, my user processes don't add up to anywhere near this. I Google'd it, and everyone says to make sure its set to show all processes, not just my own. But I dont have an option for that. The only processes it shows me are my user processes, there is no option anywhere to show other processes. I have seen screenshots of other people's AM, and there is a drop down box at the top for this purpose, but not on mine. I am using 10.6.8. Any idea what is going on?

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    Activity Monitor won't show all processes
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    Boot your machine with the Snow Leopard DVD and enter Disk Utilities from the top menu Utilities. First thing... run a verify on the hard drive. After that's finished and if there are no errors, run repair permissions. Don't worry about the repair permissions errors. After it finishes, reboot normally and open Activity Monitor again.

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