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    Saving Web Site Pages to Desktop
    All of a sudden, I can't save web site pages/images to my Desktop. When I go to a site and use the "Save Page As" feature, it saves two items on the desktop, neither one of which contains the saved document. For example, if I were saving a Mac Forum page, it would save two folders called "Mac Forum" and another one called "Mac Forum_files". When I click on the Mac Forum folder, it has a picture of a blank white document image with the top right of it curled down. The one titled, "Mac Forum_files" has tons of images that relate to nothing. By the way, when I use the Save Page As feature, why doesn't it ask me what FORMAT (PDF, PNG, JPG, etc.) I want to save the document in? Instead, my only two options are: 1) Page Source, or 2) Web Archive. It defaults to Web Archive. Can anyone help me with this??

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    Saving Web Site Pages to Desktop
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    Welcome to Mac-Forums..

    What browser are you using and the way it's saving is what it should do. It isn't going to convert all the various websites assets into a PDF file for you..

    If you want to save the static content of a page like it appears, choose to Print the page and then choose to Save as PDF. That will get you a PDF version of the browser window contents..

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