Thank you in advance for all the Mac experts in this site.

I'm a new user of Mac OS X mountain lion server.
We purchased a mac mini server with mountain lion server installed on it. I set up the Open Directory and Profile Manager, then bound it to Active Directory so that our staff can still use their AD user account to their Mac OS X client when logging in.
Everything seems to be working fine except for iPads, I could not see our iPads that I enrolled to the Profile Manager. I thought that it's just one iPad that I'm having this issue, so I enrolled another two iPads and it still did not show up on the Profile Manager.

I can see that the profiles was installed properly to the iPads, so it means that the iPads was enrolled properly.

I did some investigation and what I've noticed is when I'm going to the profile manager's web interface, the only device, users and groups that is showing is the Active Directory objects and not the Open Directory objects.

Does anyone have the same issue? Could you please guide me to fix this.