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Thread: Word and Imac

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    Word and Imac
    I installed MS Office on my Imac (OX operating sys) but the Word documents I create have problems displaying The first sentence on a new page in the middle of the document will not display. If I hit enter several time where the sentence should be it will suddenly appear or if I retype it I find I have typed over the original sentence.So annoying
    The page prints fine.
    Also the W icon on the desktop has disappeared.

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    Uninstall and then reinstall MS Office. Something is hosed in the app.

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    word & Imac
    will unnistalling the office package mean losing all the files attached to it?

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    Word and Imac
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    No, your documents and personal templates will be unaffected. Make sure you follow Microsoft's instructions for uninstalling Office 2011 as there is no uninstaller included with the program. You can find the instructions here. Office 2008 has a built in uninstaller so use that if it's Office 2008 you're referring to.

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    The files you created, no. All the application "system" files, yes. But as in all things technical, anything can happen. Back up before doing anything.

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