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    Can't mount 3TB Hard Drive
    Hey everyone, I'm having some issues with a 3TB drive. So this drive was part of a WD myBook and recently it just stopped mounting. I took the drive out of the enclosure figuring there might be a problem with the SATA to USB hub. Well I was wrong on that account. I can see the drive in Disk Utility without any partitions and the info on it says 0 Bytes. I'm really thinking its a partition table issue, it's formatted in Mac OS Journaled. I've bought several different data recovery tools and tried them all without success (Data Rescue 3, test disk, DiskWarrior, Drive Genius, Stellar Phenix) . I've been searching for days and finally broke down and had to put the question on here. TestDisk recognizes that the "partition" is too small 512 MiB, which if memory serves me is the Partition table. But for some reason it tells me it cannot fix it.

    Anyway, any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thanks,


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    Can't mount 3TB Hard Drive
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    I've bought several different data recovery tools and tried them all without success (Data Rescue 3, test disk, DiskWarrior, Drive Genius, Stellar Phenix) .
    With the money you spent on those programs you could have bought a new 3 TB hard drive. I'm assuming the real problem here is that you have valuable data on the drive that you need to recover?

    This article says to use Testdisk to do the repairs which I gather from your post you already tried. I have to say if Testdisk can't repair the partition table to recover your data, you may have to resort to a data recovery service.

    There are several articles floating around which purport to using a Linux (Ubuntu) GPT utility to repair the partition table, however, I have not tried it so can not say if it works or not.

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    CHSCAG, thanks for the reply. Yes I have about 20,000 photos and 9 languages of Rosetta Stone on this drive. The Rosetta Stone isn't a huge deal because I can use the CD, I just have to find it but the photos are from the last 10 years. I'll have to take another look at Testdisk because the original article wasn't very helpful. I have not used Ubuntu yet so maybe I'll throw that on a VM and give it a try. Thanks again for the reply.

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