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    Drive Failure, Macintosh HD replaced by disk0s2 in Utility manager
    Hello there!

    First off, the title should read "Failure" not "Falure"... sorry about that!

    I have an iMac 27 inch and I think it failed quite badly tonight. It started being slow when I was trying to save a photo from a webpage. I forced Firefox to quit, it went fine. Then turned Firefox on again and it froze again. Restarted the computer and there was this flashing Folder icon with a question mark on it...

    I did all the stuff, restarted while pressing the option key, put the install DVD and restarted while pressing C, and when I got to the utility manager I couldn't see "Macintosh HD" anymore, just a SATA hard drive with a sub-drive named "disk0s2".

    I tried to repair the drive, but it says it's corrupt and cannot be repaired.

    I know hat Apple issued a warning concerning these computers saying that the hard drive needed to be replaced, bu I didn't do it. And I don't do enough backups, and I know it's dumb, so plase spare an comments on that

    Now what? Is it definately failed? Is there any way that I can recover some stuff from it?

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    Drive Failure, Macintosh HD replaced by disk0s2 in Utility manager
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    (I edited your title to correct the spelling.)

    It appears your hard drive has failed. Unless you've been making backups, it may be a task trying to recover your data. You can try recovery software:

    Disk Warrior 4

    Data Rescue 3

    Disk Drill Pro

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