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    iphoto chronological order
    how to I get each and Every Pic in iphoto in order?
    It shows 'Events" in order but the pics over lap each other.
    Seems to be in order by when I physically down loaded each time (before there was icloud)........

    I tried...."view"
    "sort photos"
    "by date"

    It still does NOT put each and every individual photo in order......

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    I don't understand what you mean by this: "It shows 'Events" in order but the pics over lap each other."

    On my machine, Events shows the pictures in chronological order.

    In the Photos view I can sort photos by date, and this shows them in chronological order *PROVIDED* they were shot with a digital camera (which embeds the time/date etc info into the picture, which iPhoto uses for sorting). Photos that came from a scanner or in some other way don't have the correct date/time on them must be manually corrected to the proper date/time within iPhoto, then they "magically" move to the correct order.

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