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    Time Machine Issue
    I have two MyBook WD hard drives. One I connect with an ethernet cord, and the other through my home wireless network router and is my chosen place of backup for my Time Machine. I have three Mac Book laptops which have all been backed up on both hard drives multiple times. I need to clear space on all three Mac Books so that I can continue working with them. However, I cannot seem to find my photos on the hard drive backed using Time Machine. I don't want to delete any photos on my laptops until I know that I can recover them from my wireless hard drive through Time Machine.

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    Time Machine Issue
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    Are you using iPhoto to store your photos. If so, the solution is to restore the iPhoto library files from the Time Machine backup.

    The procedure varies a bit depending upon which version of iPhoto and OS version. Here are the current directions for the current version of iPhoto and Lion/Mountain Lion.. If you are using something else let us know what so we can give better directions.
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