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    imac migration prblem
    Bought a used but good iMac. Wanted to move stuff, music in particular, from an older Mac... Was not successful with Migration Assistant, seemed that base applications moved to the Imac but songs did not. Then I tried to erase the main/only hard drive on the iMac and install Snow Leopard... I think that I have the right install disk... looks like the retail version shown in another Mac Forum explanation of differences. Won't install, just shows two small boxes on the screen... one has a "270 arrow, the other a right pointed arrow. Clicking on either makes it "blink" but no further action...
    Any thoughts? Thanks,

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    imac migration prblem
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    A Snow Leopard retail DVD is white in color and has a picture of the Snow Leopard on its face. Snow Leopard install disks specific to a machine are gray silver in color with no Snow Leopard.

    What version of OS X was pre-installed on the used iMac you bought?

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