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    Can't login to MacBook Pro after connecting to Windows Domain
    Hi All,


    I'm an IT support guy in a Windows 2008 environment using Active Directory and we have one Mac computer on our network (a very nice MacBook Pro if I may say so). After we performed the upgrade to Mountain Lion the user can no longer login to the MacBook unless she is connected to the Windows Domain. Additionally, we cannot login to the computer with the "admin" account while it is not connected to the network.

    Clarifying questions, anyone?

    Ideas and solutions?

    Again, THANKS!


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    Login into the domain and then remove it from the domain. Also create a new account on the mac with admin access or set up root access pw temporarily.
    Go to users control panel right click on account name and access advanced options.

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    I'll give it a go ed724, thanks for the response. I figured it had to be something silly like that...but I didn't want to be silly on my own

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