Hello everyone,

My apologies if this problem has been discussed before but I cannot find it in the forums.

Here is the problem.
I have an iPod touch (4th gen).
I had an old AppleID, which was not an email address.
I switched to a new AppleID, which is an email address (by which I mean, I set the old ID into the new ID via the Apple site).

I can log in, etc, with this new ID; I have changed the settings on the iPod & iTunes to reflect the new ID. However, I cannot update any of the apps on my iPod touch as it always asks for the password for the old ID, which is now no longer recognized. iForgot does not solve the issue. I have already Reset All Settings but it keeps asking for the password for the old AppleID which is no longer recognized.

Sorry for the long explanation.
Can anybody please help me?
Thanks in advance.