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    Date, I want Date Created
    I like to write. Sometmes I create a new word document for a single thought, sometimes for a long piece of writing. Sometimes I go back and change what I have written after I first wrote it.

    The way OSX is set up, I can only sort my files by Name, Size, Kind, and Date Modified.

    I hate date modified. Date modified actually prevents me from going back and editing things, because then it will all fall out of chronological order.

    Is there any solution to this, or am I overlooking a simple program or fix that people use for Journals and for writing?


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    Date, I want Date Created
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    when in a finder window select list view, then from the view menu select show view options, you can add date created there.

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    Related to this there's a lot of old debate on the subject but I wonder whether, by now, anyone has solved this problem of retaining the creation date of files when you copy them to another mac or to idisk? When you're working on a book it is a vital part of the compass to know when the files were created. But when you copy them they wipe out the original date and put the date of the transfer, both for creation and modification.


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