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Thread: FireWire issues

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    In Need of Help
    Question FireWire issues
    I got a webcam for Christmas, an iBot by OrangeMicro. Upon installation I found out that I don't have my FireWire Enabler and FireWire Support Extensions. I tried to download them from the site on the install cd only to find that the site doesn't exist anymore. I've looked all over for a downloadable FireWire Driver. The only thing remotely close to working was v2.5 which states that my OS is too new and I can't install it. Is it possible for someone to send me a copy of their extension, or won't that work either? What should I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. (if it matters I have an eMac, "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)", OS v10.3.9

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    FireWire issues
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    A simple Google search turned this up:

    I would try that first if I were you.
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    In Need of Help
    Quote Originally Posted by D3v1L80Y
    A simple Google search turned this up:

    I would try that first if I were you.
    I've tried that, it just redirects to the orangemicro site that no longer exists...

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