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    Mountain Lion mail problems
    Hi all,

    I, like most you, upgraded to ML the other day, but since yesterday I haven't been able to send mails through o2's smtp server (It's possible the problem persisted since before yesterday - I hadn't tried sending mails in a while).

    The message I get is as follows: Cannot send message using the server
    The SMTP connection to the server "" failed

    First of all, I thought that it was o2's servers, but this has been disproved, because I can send mail from my iPad (latest WiFi version) without issues, either from my own WLAN, or when connecting via BT OpenZone at work.

    Here's my diagnostic attempts so far:
    Edited mail settings and re-entered all details from a known good source (I have a plain text file that has all the details therein and used this as a template) - Problem still persists
    Created a new user account via System Preferences > Users and Groups and set mail up from there with the above - Problem still persists
    Ran Keychain first aid on the original User account in case of corrupt data in the keychain - No problems found with the keychain

    I have spoken with Apple, but unfortunately, the call got cut off cos the call centre closed, but up to that point, the techie had been helpful, suggesting option 2, above.

    So far, I'm at a total loss as to what my next step is in the troubleshooting process, or even if there is a next step

    Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated
    Mid 2011 i5 2.5 GHz iMac 21.5"

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    Mail Problems
    If you have an iCloud account, delete it. After that create a "new" one with the same username and password. That will solve your problem. Other solution would be to going to mail preferences and check if your normally used account is active or deactivated. Sometimes it changes to icloud or jabber. Hope this will help.

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    Mountain Lion Mail problems with O2
    I've spent LOADS of time with both 02 and Apple trying to figure out why mail's outgoing server isn't working with Mountain Lion- both companies are blaming each other- not helpful.
    What I did finally hear from 2 O2 reps is that their servers are down/not configured to work with Mountain Lion (which is what Apple told me) and that it'll take 3 to 5 days to sort out.
    This is super frustrating- and I think a real fail on O2's part not to make sure they were properly configured when the new release came out.
    I've asked for and gotten 1 month's free service as a result of their fail on this.

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    mail Problems
    Have you tried the deleting iCloud yet? My mail sometimes give the same message in my computer and devices. I do that and add iCloud again and problem fixed. Not even Apple "experts" were able to give me that suggestion.

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    Mountain Lion mail problems
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    SMTP is SMTP. Mountain Lion should have nothing to do with that at all. I check and send email here on 4 servers. All still working fine since going to ML release day.

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    o2 broadband. Sending mail.
    Have tried to send emails today via o2 but no luck and as ever they are not mac capable. Have 2 email addresses one would work one wouldn't. Now non work. Have also had issues since upgrading my package that the upload and download speed has dropped. Alongvwith the poor mobile signal both where i live and where the rest of my family live timeI think to find another provider.

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    Just a quick update for all those interested.

    First off, try opening a terminal window and type the following:
    telnet 25

    That should give you an output like the one below if all's working as it should
    Last login: Mon Jul 30 11:48:52 on console
    DS9:~ kev$ telnet 25
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.
    220 ESMTP Service ready
    Now if that works, as it did for me, then you need to go into Mail's preferences and change the port number - just click the radio button for custom port and type 25 then save your changes

    Hopefully that will work - It did for me
    Mid 2011 i5 2.5 GHz iMac 21.5"

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    O2 outgoing mail from Mountain Lion
    Cracked it at last!

    After talking to O2 and being told download some strange Connection Assistant software which was no help at all. Looking at all the previous comments thought I'd try simply changing the port to 25 and it works fine! So:

    Open Mail.
    Go to Mail/Preferences.
    Open drop down next to 'Outgoing Mail Server (SMPT) and
    go to 'Edit SMPT Server List'
    with your O2 account highlighted under 'Description' List
    Open 'Advanced' pane in the lower panel.
    Activate radio button 'Use custom port:'
    type '25' in box
    Click 'OK'

    (give it a minute)
    Job done.

    Initially my 'Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)' status still showed as 'offline' even though it was now working!

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