1) I updated all in Software Update, and there was an Epson Driver update to version 9.00 for my Epson Stylus 1400. I'm running 10.6.8.

2) Before this custom sizes of papers and margins worked, after the update, all prints off-center and margins have no effect, even in photoshop. I tested the problem by booting from my backup harddrive which had the old driver version 8.61...printed perfectly.

I then installed the update on that harddrive to test the other way, same problem again. I restored in time machine that drive, but without reverting to that harddrive, there is no way for me to downgrade. It has been 2 months since I backed up as I have been away from the home base.

3) Epson no longer provides a driver solution that is dowloadable. They only work through apple's auto-update feature now. :-(

4) How can I restore the 8.61 printer driver ? Copying and pasting the /library/printers/ directory from the old harddrive does not work. It says my driver is corrupted or out of date when I try to print , but it shows the 8.61 version as installed.

I spent 8 hours, lots of money in expensive paper, and lost my mind yesterday trying to solve this. Google does not help. I have only found topics which show the incompetence of apple and the printer manufacturers in allowing a wide range of printers to print off-center and be impossible to correct.