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    Activity Monitor 100%-no processes showing
    MacBook 7.1 / using 10.6.8.
    Activity Monitor showing 100% use yet no processes showing. Reviewed all settings / filters - all ok / no change. All programs turned off + offline. No change.

    Any suggestions?


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    Where is it showing 100% on system or user? Also when looking at processes, are you looking into All Processes, or My Processes? That seems very odd to be running full 100% with nothing running, I run several programs and 2 different VM's on my iMac and it processes just fine.

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    Thanks Steven.
    After a couple of minutes, the total of the system and user percentages (while they may vary a bit) will add up to 100% and stay that way. I get no listing of any processes (have it set to look at all processes) no matter how long I wait - I get the spinning circle. After a few more minutes, my MacBook slows right down to a crawl. I end up having to force quit Activity Monitor as it tends to freeze up. Even then performance is really slow. I did a Norton scan - shows clean. I think the CPU is running flat out for some reason.
    I think I should get it in to Apple to have it looked at.
    Take care,

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    Activity Monitor 100%-no processes showing
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shayno View Post

    Any suggestions?

    What happens if you reboot the computer (but launch no applications)? What sort of "%" activity do you see?

    - Nick
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