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    X11 help *URGENT*
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    Unhappy X11 help *URGENT*
    I'm running 10.4.3 on my ibook. I was trying to install gimp but it says i need X11. My mac came with 10.4 installed so how do i turn X11 on? Do i need to reinstall everything? It says its an option on the install disk, that would seem stupid though

    i really need help. I put of a project until the last second and i need gimp to finish it up for tommorow. Thanks

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    X11 help *URGENT*
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    It's on the Tiger DVD that came with your machine. Insert the DVD into the drive, and when the DVD mounts on the Desktop, scroll around and you will find Optional Installs. Click on that and when it launches it will go to the introduction screen, then it will ask for the Root Password, and ask if you agree or disagree, then it will ask what drive, then take you to the Installation Type screen. Expand Applications and check X11. The rest you should have no problems with. Then X11 will be installed.

    If you have any problems let us know.

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