How can I correct script errors? I keep getting alert on onyx. I would like to uninstall it the re-install it.I can't find any uninstall file. But I think I should fix the error first,right?I also am having trouble finding colorsync utility file .All the other files associated with it are there but not colorsync utility. It's nowhere on this computer I don't know what the heck happened. I have a MBP 8'3 i7 2011. It's worked perfectly for a year until I started messing with it. I reinstalled osx disk 1 today but the problems still exist.I was sure I would get colorsync back but I didn't. I'm so interested in how every works & what everything means that I get into trouble like this.I've spent 5 days trying to straighten this out .I don't have support coverage for Apple & from what I gather they don't do remote repairs anyway. Any help out there? I sure would appreciate it. By the way, the warranty coverage I did have was up 2 wks ago.)don't ya know)? Thank you in advance for any advice.