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    Can't log in with broken kyboard!
    My keyboard recently broke (I think it' a goner) and so I am unable to type my password in at log in. I'v been using the onscreen keyboard on the guest account, and I wondered if there was a way to do something similar at log in til i have a new one.

    I am using the latest snowleopard on an iMac.

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    Can't log in with broken kyboard!
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    Most any USB keyboard will work with your iMac. Go to Wal-Mart and pick up a cheap Windows keyboard and use it until you can replace the original with an Apple keyboard.

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    I have a spare apple keyboard someone is bringing me at the weekend, so I would rather wait (I am but a poor student!) There is limited function on this keyboard, i can use the majority of the function keys if that helps?

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    Go to the local thrift store and grab a USB keyboard for, like $2. You can't be THAT poor!

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    Can't log in with broken kyboard!
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    FileMate K2030 Standard Keyboard -

    $6 at Walmart. Or you can go to the local Goodwill and pick up one of the dozen they have sitting abandoned on that shelf in the back next to all the green screen computer monitors and two knob televisions.

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    i was asking more out of curiosity than desperation, thanks for replying though

    i have a couple of spares at home, including an apple one. i think things are a bit more pricey here in the uk.

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