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    getting panic message during snow leopard installation ? please help ?
    My hard drive crashed , replaced new hard drive, trying to install it MAC OSx snow leopard on new hard drive. whenever i boot it from disc i am getting this panic message. I am attaching picture of panic message. please help
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    getting panic message during snow leopard installation ? please help ?
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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    May not have been the hard drive as kernel panics can be other hardware problems such as memory, mobo etc. Also you do not tell us about your computer. If a laptop did you replace the SATA cable as they get brittle and can break with handling.

    And tell us about the disc you are using. Is it a full retail install DVD or did it come with another computer?
    Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011) , this is the information i got from apple support site, DVD i am using 10.6 snow leopard i borrowed from my friend. its not same disc which came with this laptop. unfortunately i lost the discs. how can i check if hard drive is properly installed ?

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    getting panic message during snow leopard installation ? please help ?
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    As Harry pointed out and asked: If the disk is the one that came with your MBP...?

    You can not use your friend's disk as the disks are model specific unless you buy a retail version of Snow Leopard. That's why you're getting the kernel panics. Buy a retail copy of Snow Leopard from Apple for $29.

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    could you please tell me how can i check what is the model number of my macbook pro .. i checked apple website and checked this link
    How to identify MacBook Pro models
    They just explained when macbook pro is working okay , what if we need some parts from macbook pro and for some reason MBP is not working at all. At bottom panel it only tells model number is A1278. but when i checked this link i cannot find anything with this number.
    So could you please tell me how can i identify the model number without turning on my MBP.

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    You can find the model of your machine from the serial number.

    Just do a google search for something like: check mac model by serial number.

    Although, I would suggest you just buy a copy of Mac OS as others have advised.
    $29 you can't go wrong! You may need it again later on too.

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