I am a total noob running Mac OS 10.6.4 (?) on a Macbook Pro Duo Core.

This is my story.

So I downloaded the Automap driver to run my Novation keyboard in Ableton Live. I hit restart after installing it, and was greeted with grey-no question marked folders, no spinning anything, just grey.

I restarted in Safe Mode succesfully and put the driver in my trash and deleted it. Nothing.

I started in Solo User Mode and did fsck, it said that it modified something and now everything was OK, I reboot and now I get this weird pixelly pattern over the grey screen, just in the middle, and no functionality.

The Apple Website says I should do an Install from disk. Problem is, I don't have the Mac OS 10.6 install disk anymore!!!

I've reset the PRAM and NVRAM.

Is there some way I can solve this problem in Solo User Mode???

I feel like if I can track down the driver and fully erase it, all will be well.

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.