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    Moving from mobile me to icloud
    Currently I use mobile me on my Macbook (os Snow Leopard) and my iPhone 3g (4.2.1). As mobile me is being phased out I need to move to iCloud. That means upgrading to Lion on the Macbook which is not a problem, however I can not upgrade to iOS 5 on my iPhone because it is not compatible with a 3G. (I'm holding off buying a new phone until the 5 comes out.) My question is if I upgrade to Lion and iCloud on my macbook, will I still be able to sync my mail and contacts etc with my iPhone 3G?

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    Have found out the answer. Looks like I will not be able to use my email address on my 3G iPhone after I move to iCloud. Looks like I'm forced to buy a new phone. I don't like being forced to upgrade/purchase new hardward or software. Think I'll change to a Samsung with Android OS.

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