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    Mac OSX Lion Security Flaw
    I've been noticing lately that while my Macbook starts up Lion, by clicking the mouse multiple times it bypasses the login screen and logs me in automatically... This seems like a major security flaw... Has anyone else noticed this?

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    Mac OSX Lion Security Flaw
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    I will try this later. Are you sure that you are selecting the name and not just clicking the mouse.

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    WHile the computer is booting up, click the mouse repeatedly and don't stop until it logs you in, I've tried it a few times already and it keeps doing it every time

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    Mac OSX Lion Security Flaw
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    Do you have auto login enabled?
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    I don't think so, have to enter the password normally whenever this flaw doesn't happen, it just seems like all the clicking confuses it

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    Mac OSX Lion Security Flaw
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    Haven't been able to replicate it on my set-up, either in the general login screen or by clicking on my own icon and then clicking like mad with the mouse
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    Start clicking right after you press the power button, that's how it's been happening with mine, it never even shows me a login screen if I keep clicking

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    Mac OSX Lion Security Flaw
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    Hello Ozell

    You should do a video for YouTube - guaranteed 10 million hits from Apple haters the world over.

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