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    imac 3.2 wont clean install osx locked up w white screen. help plz
    I have an 27 in. imac 3.2 I3 with lion 10.7.2 - I got it as collateral for paying a friend of a friends rent and haven't heard from them in 3 months anyway I was locked out of administration so I bypassed it by option and s at startup and hopefully I won't regret I deleted the org. Administrator. I'm looking to do a completely clean install of of osx - from what I've gathered I have to install leopard from retail dvd then upgrade to snow leopard then upgrade to lion to be up to I bought a retail 10.5 dvd but when I try to boot by holding c at start up or by clicking onto install icon after login I get completely lockup at at just a white screen and it won't do anything till I powerdown. If anyone can tell me why it won't let me do a clean install it would be much appreciated. Thank for help

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    imac 3.2 wont clean install osx locked up w white screen.  help plz
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    What is the exact model number of the 27" iMac? It may not have come pre-installed with Leopard which might be the reason the Leopard DVD will not work. Either that, or you purchased a model specific version of Leopard rather than the retail version. The retail version of Leopard is black with a large X on the disk.

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    It's a imac 11,3 (mid 2010) and the leopard disk is black and purple w a big x version 10.5 also would I be wasting my money if I was able to find the 2 grey org disks that came with a same model imac on ebay ..any advise or info I thank you for. K

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