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    Finder: Am I missing something really obvious?

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    Finder: Am I missing something really obvious?
    Hello Everyone,

    I have several old dvd back ups of previous laptops. What i'd like to so is search the disk and its folders for all .jpegs so i dont need to go into every folder/sub folder and weed through all the junk. Is this possible? it seems like this would be a standard type operation, it feels like im missing something....

    thx for any help

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    Finder: Am I missing something really obvious?
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    A quick way to do this would be to create a smart folder. Go to the disc > File > New Smart Folder. In the Finder window that appears, make sure the search value is set to the disc. Next, click the little plus button on the far right. Make sure the values for the options in this new line read like so: Kind is Other jpeg. I would avoid using "Kind is Image" simply because, although it sounds like something you'd want, that will search all image types.
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