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Thread: Call me picky

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    Call me picky
    But am I the only one who is bothered with the downgrade in appearance in Lions "sticky" widget compared to Leopards? On my old MacBook Pro my stickies actually looked like stickies. They had minor flaring on the edges to give it a paper-esq look. The font looked vaguely hand written. But with the new Lion the stickies look very basic...or dare I say it, almost PC-ish. Obviously this is not going to make me chuck my MBP off the balcony, but one of the things I love about Apple is their attention to aesthetics and animation.

    I want my stickies to look like stickies - not yellow circa 1995 error messages!

    -rant complete-

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    Call me picky
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    Hi picky.

    To be honest never use stickies and consider them a waste of time alas.
    Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    Call me picky
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    Try this free Sticky Notes program instead of the one included with Lion. LINK

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