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    Angry osx 10.6.8 can not change desktop background picture
    This problem appeared after I took my imac to a apple dealer for a fix of a bad disk drive. They reinstalled mac osx 10.6.8, After I brought the machine home, I tried to change the desktop background using the systems preference method. It did not work. I then tried the right click on an image method and it did not work either.
    Yesterday in reinstalled mac osx snow leopard from the factory disk and then did the download to upgrade to 10.6.8 Tried all the previously mentioned methods to change the desktop background image. Still did not work.
    I will appreciate any help I can get.


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    same problem
    I have the same problem, but I'm able to change the image , however when I restart the previous image return !!!!
    is this the same problem you have ?

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    can nit change image on my desktop
    Your problems definition is different from mine. I can not change the image at all. Did you have this problem and found a partial solution that lets you change it, but does not retain the new image after you power off/power on

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    no the problem started as is now, I changed before the upgrade the image which was the lion to elephant and after the update the elephant image stayed , and when I tried to change it to one of my own photos or any image from the store it change but after restart the elephant image comes back,,, it's frustrating

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    I am also having this problem, my Imac would not turn on, after getting it fixed , I tried to change my desktop and it won't. I tried repairing permissions, but this has failed.

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    I solved the problem by restoring the Lion , now all is working perfectly well

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    how would I go about doing that?

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    I dont think my computer is on lion it is version 10.6.8

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    so you have Snow, I suggest if you have original license to redo load Snow from Apple site and it will automatically recognize your Mac , then reinstall , after making a backup ofcaurse

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    osx 10.6.8 can not change desktop background picture
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