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    Lion Spotlight ignores volume
    Upgraded to Lion a couple of days ago. Now Spotlight searches only the Web and ignores the volume itself. No setting to correct, it appears. Any ideas? Thanks!--VR

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    It looks like the spotlight indexing preferences have not changed?
    Check Preferences>Spotlight>Privacy and see if your main volume is in the ignore list.

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    Ignore list empty
    This is the first thing I checked. Thank you, jagarden.

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    Lion Spotlight ignores volume
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    Try adding your HD to the list of ignored locations under the Privacy tab and then removing it in an attempt to force it to reindex your HD.
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    Privacy: Unknown Error
    Excellent suggestion, vansmith--thanks. Tried: cannot add or remove the item because of an unknown error. Time to reinstall the system, do you think> Or could it be that it is not done indexing the volume? After 3-4 days? Thanks again, VR.

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