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    Accessing desktop backgrounds, icons, etc.
    If you go to system preferences and click on "Desktop and Screen Saver," there's a directory of desktop backgrounds to choose from. Where the **** are they? And why doesn't the Finder FIND them if you search for the name of the picture?

    Same goes for application icons. They must be somewhere on the computer, so why don't they show up in the Finder? How do you access them?

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    Never mind I found them. For those of you who are curious, there is a "Desktop Pictures" folder located in the "Library" folder (the one in the Mac HD, not the one in the "System" folder). As for the icons, right click on the application in the finder and click "Show Package Contents."

    I'm still annoyed that these files don't appear when you search for them... What makes certain files appear in a search while certain files don't?

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