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    deleting apps in lion
    I was really excited about the more easy delete process in lion. I was super fastidious about the apps I put on my mac because of all those preference files they leave behind that I can never seem to get completely rid of. As it turns out, however, the new new delete process doesn't actually get rid of EVERYTHING, it just gets rid of the app itself and leaves the preferences just as if you were to throw something in the trash in snow leopard.

    I know this because I downloaded angry birds (which I had purchased before clean installing) played a few levels, then deleted it. I reinstalled it and everything was still there. That's not what I was hoping for. I want an easy way to get rid of all files related to an app without having to buy third party software or muck around in the library.

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    deleting apps in lion
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    I use AppCleaner myself, but both of those programs don't delete "ALL" of the files. After using either or, open up a Finder window, make it "search this mac", then type in the name of the program.

    All files associated with that program should pop up, in which you have the option to move to the trash and finally completely clean out.

    Hope this helps.

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