I have a MacPro running SL10.6.8. My wife has MBP also running SL10.6.8. They are connected through a wireless network. When on the MBP, I look at the MBP hard drive I see an alias for "User Guides and Documentation" which points to the MBP's directory containing the original. Ok so far.
HOWEVER when I look at the MBP hard drive on my MacPro through the network, the same alias points to MY directory not the MBP directory where it should point to.
When I look at Get info, the original is quoted as " /Library/Documentation/User Guides And Information.localized" so there is no reference to the volume.

This appears to be ONLY for this particular alias, others on the MBP work ok regardless of which system they are looked on. Their Get Info refers to the full volume etc information.

The system does not let me change the original even though I have full access to the MBP. I recreated this alias on the MBP but no change in behaviour.
Weird ? A feature or a bug ?
Any response would be appreciated. Thanks