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    Exclamation HELP! External HArd Drive Mounting went wrong..
    Hey I hope someone can help me asap!

    I have a 500gb Iomega external hard drive. I had written on it earlier with my 13" Macbook (running on snow leopard). But recently it appeared as read only. I read online that the writing feature had been disabled for no reason. I saw some ways to mount the hard drive using Terminal but since I don't know much about that I didn't want to do it. So I found NTFS Mounter. I downloaded it, installed it, and everything was Ok, i started copying files to my hard drive.
    Suddenly, the hard drive sort of blocked. It now says it has 0 files (although according to the available space, my files are still occupying space) and I can't write on it even when using NTFS Mounter.
    I connected my Hard Drive to my PC, running on Windows xp, and it says it can't be opened because it is illegible or damaged.

    Please help me! I'm panicking, i have 250 gb of files there, and I really need to backup my macbook since i've only got 14 gb left.

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    Exclamation TestDisk
    I found in another forum that I could use TestDisk to fix it, even when Disk Utility will show all First Aid options grayed out.
    It turned out to be a Terminal command line which is very confusing for me...

    This is what I get. As far as I know, there is no partition on my hard drive, unless the one that shows isn't the external drive?

    I'm sorry, but I'm completely ignorant in this matter.
    Pleas please help...

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    HELP! External HArd Drive Mounting went wrong..
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    Why were you using NTFS Mounter to write to the drive? If the 500 GB iOmega drive was able to be written to from your 13" MBP before you installed NTFS Mounter it must have been formatted as FAT-32 or HFS+. NTFS Mounter is for writing to NTFS formatted drives not FAT-32 or HFS+.

    According to the image you attached of Test Disk, it's telling you that the drive is read only. (RO)

    You probably need data recovery software which is going to be expensive.
    I suggest downloading a demo copy of Data Rescue 3 and see if it can extract your data off the drive.

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    I couldn't wirte on it anymore, that's why I tried NTFS Mounter. I use my hard drive since before I had a Mac...

    I finally got to use TestDisk, but it seems as if it backed up the files on my computer, because the internal hard drive was filled and so it couldn't finish it's work...

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