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    battery not charging on snow leopard
    Hi guys,

    hopefully im posting this in the correct place! but recently my macbook 13"'s battery died so i replaced with a new one.. bought from ebay. once installed the mac doesnt seem to recognise it, i know its charging the battery because all the lights on it light up when i press the button on the actual battery. but the battery icon on the screen changes between the x in the middle of it to saying 0% or just the charging sign.. the light on the magsafe is constantly amber.. from all the research i've done online this seems to be a software issue and def not hardware, all the problems seem to lie with snow leopard but just can;t fix it!!

    can someone please help me??


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    battery not charging on snow leopard
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    We advise users not to buy inexpensive batteries from eBay because in many instances they are either not compatible and will cause problems or will fail prematurely. It sounds like you bought one of those batteries. Return it if you can and buy either a genuine Apple battery or an authorized substitute from the folks at OWC.

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