Hi Guys and Girls,

I have just recently joined the wonderful world of Mac and loving it!! I purchased a 13inch Macbook Pro and have been trying to Network it with my PC at home (running windows 7).

I have shared my C: drive on the PC and on my Mac I have gone to connect to server in GO menu, but when I go to connect to my C: drive it comes up with a connection failed error: " you do not have permission to access the server"

I followed the same steps when sharing my external drive (which is connected to my PC) and it seems to work fine I can access it from my Mac with no trouble, but with my C: drive I keep seeing this same message.

Any help would be much appreciated!! I'm no expert on Mac's or PC's so if Ive missed out on any information you might need please let me know and I can try my best to get it to you

Thanks in advance!!