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    Mac mini Snow Leopard OS X experiencing sudden and extreme slow down
    As title says, my mac mini (2H 2010 model) suddenly is moving at snails pace.

    It just started yesterday, and I've been trying lots of things to no avail...

    -Verify Disk Permissions on Drive
    -Repair Disk Permissions on Drive
    -Watch Activity Monitor, CPU user usage ~20%, System Usage ~20%, leaving about 60% idle
    -Emptied Trash
    -Deleted cache in /Library/Cache
    -Deleted items off desktop
    -Running ClamXav now, and its halfway through without finding anything yet.

    Browser is slow opening new tabs and refreshing, Finder is really slow to load, dock often freezes requiring restart, just about any task takes 10x normal time.

    Any help or suggestions here?

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    Mac mini Snow Leopard OS X experiencing sudden and extreme slow down
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    I don't see any help for you yet. Have you been able to make any further progress?
    I am not too familiar with your system and are new myself. Do you have a good backup available in case you need to set up your system fresh?


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    Thanks for reply.

    I've rebooted the computer several times during the process above, without it fixing anything.

    However, left the mac mini turned off overnight and this morning things are speedy again. Seems strange and not sure why that worked, but I'll take the result.

    Hard for me to believe its a cooling issue, as the computer stays cool with a USB fan pointed right at it the whole time and its cool to touch.

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