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    Snow Leopard on External problems
    I just bought a 2TB Gtech drive. I loaded Snow Leopard on it to use as a backup system, but iMac doesn't recognize it. I reformatted the drive using disk utility (GUID, 1 partition, Mac OS, Extended (Journaled)), re-installed Snow Leopard with the drive connected directly, using a firewire 800 connection and the system still doesn't see the drive as bootable. I can see the drive. I can see the system on it, but it won't boot. When I hold the option key down it doesn't show up in the list and when I configure it as the start-up drive through system prefs, I get the gray screen and it won't reboot.

    Any thoughts?
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    1. Are you using a retail copy of Snow Leopard? That's the only thing that will work.

    2. Why not simply clone your existing start-up drive?

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