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    Terminal command gone wrong
    I typed in this terminal command (rm -rf ~/.Trash/*) to force clear my trash but now all my documents are gone!!!! does anyone no away to reverse this command?
    someone please help me i really need my documents

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    I hope you have a backup. What files were gone exactly? The whole user folder? The documents only? Something else?
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    Terminal command gone wrong
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    One of the benefits and hazards of using terminal is that changes are immediate and irreversible. There's a very small window following a file deletion where that file might be recoverable. However, it requires stopping what you're doing immediately, powering down the system, and avoiding any more changes to the hard drive that might overwrite the space where that file was located.

    DataRescue is a $99 app that can assist in recovering lost files. It has a free demo, where it will show what it might be able to recover. At that point, you can decide whether or not the $99 is worth it, pay the fee, enter the code and recover your data. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Virgeist - I hope there was a backup somewhere along the line.

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    ok ill give that a go. Thats guys

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    Terminal command gone wrong
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    Quote Originally Posted by Virgeist View Post
    I hope you have a backup. What files were gone exactly? The whole user folder? The documents only? Something else?
    If he had one misplaced space in that command no telling what is gone.
    For example (rm -rf ~/.Trash/*) with a double space after the -rf, it will start deleting the whole HDs files I'm told.
    And I'm not about to test it
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