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    Unexpectedly have two login profiles after Time Machine restore
    I just upgraded the hard drive in my MacBook Pro. I put OS X and iLife, etc on the new HD using the install and applications discs. All went well through those steps. I then hooked up to an external drive and used Migration Assistant to bring in files, folders and more applications from my last Time Machine backup.

    Near the beginning of the migration I was asked for (I thought) a new profile/ computer name since the old name was somehow in conflict with the new installation. Iím afraid Iím hazy and just donít recall clearly exactly what happened here, but I typed in my nickname, thinking it would replace the old computer name.

    Well, when that finished I restarted the machine and the login screen now presents me with two profiles--one is the nickname recently assigned and then thereís also the older computer name. I can log into both profiles using the same password, and I see one of them (under the new nickname) has all the stuff transferred over from Time Machine. Under the other, older profile/computer name thereís a different screen and the folders, etc didnít transfer. So, the issue is, I want only one profile; I donít need two. How do I get rid of the one profile I donít need?

    Thanks very much in advance for any help, comments, advice, clarifying questions, etc.

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    Okay, never mind...I went and deleted one of the user accounts, so I'm back to just the one profile I want. I'm still a bit puzzled as to just what happened when I was prompted for a new profile name...should have slowed down at bit and paid attention more at that stage.

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