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    Network HD and iTunes Folder
    I need some help sharing my itunes folder over my network. I'm in college and my roommates and I have an airport sharing my external hard drive. We listen to a lot of music and I do most of the music finding on the internet and they constantly are trying to copy my itunes. Is there a way to create a folder on the network drive that keeps an up-to-date mirror image of my iTunes library, so my friends can sort it by date-added and can update periodically. Or if you think there's a different way to have the same effect, that would be great too. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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    You can have your whole music folder (which includes iTunes library) shared in your network.
    Though make sure you set the right permissions for the other user (as he can read/write).
    By doing this, your friend can play, rename, move, or even delete.

    Are you both using Mac?

    If you don't know how to configure that, lemme know (I may give you full instructions)
    Though they are findable in YouTube.

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