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    Unhappy Adware & Spyware
    Hi, Can anybody recommend the best Adware or Spyware programs for my iMac. I think I at have least picked up adware or spyware from some site.
    I am running Bitdefender as a anti-virus program.

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    Adware & Spyware
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    Macs do not get viruses. Trojans have to be installed by the user, so the old adage "never click on anything unknown" is obvious advice.

    So-called anti virus apps such as Bitdefender, Sophos etc are a waste of time and can create more problems than they are supposed to solve and the best place for them is the trash!

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    Adware & Spyware
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    I think I at have least picked up adware or spyware from some site.
    What makes you think this?

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    Adware & Spyware

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    Here is a link with much information for you AndyNZ:

    Official antivirus, malware, and firewall FAQ

    Sounds like you are a pc user as well, or ex-pc user, so you might want to check out the forum that thread is in if you are new to Macs:

    Btw... I was using BitDefender on my pc until it started acting up, quitting with no notification was the biggest issue. I switched to Webroot which did a great job but it was a bit confusing. And I read that BitDefender 2010 was really bad. I think it didn't play well with Vista, don't know about Windows 7.

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    On Windows and OSX, the computer is only as secure as the nut behind the wheel. If you install crap or pirated software, expect nothing less than problems. If I had to choose between paying for good software without the headaches or random code off the web, I'd just rather not chance the it.

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    To get peace of mind, get ClamXav and do a full scan.

    There are almost no viruses for mac at this time.
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