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    Unhappy Hard Drive Permissions
    Hey I'm new to here and I'm seeking some help with my hard drive.
    I have a western Digital 1.5TB hard drive formatted in NTFS file system.
    When I plug it into my MacBook Pro I can write to it. It says I only have permission to read and thats it. Now I read that if its in NTFS format you can't write on it. But I'm not sure about that too. I test out with my flash drive too see if I could write to it and I could. They were formatted in FAT file system.

    So I want to know how can I fix the permission on my WesternDigital Hard Drive!!!! If you need information about my computer or other stuff ask me please since i am really wanting to put stuff into my hard drive!!!

    Thanks in advance people!!! =)
    Hope you guys can help ME because I am stuck.

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    Hard Drive Permissions
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    Out of the box, OS X can't write to an NTFS volume. However, you do have a couple of options. First is, of course, reformat the drive into something other than NTFS so that the Mac can write. If you don't want to erase the drive, your second option might be to download and try NTFS Mounter. Snow Leopard does have the ability to write to NTFS, but it's not enabled by default. The ntfsmounter utility will enable the write function. I haven't tested it, but it was recommended by one of the editors at OS X Hints.

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    Yeah I really don't want to go through the hassle of backing up 1 TB of data and then format and then copy it all over again! lol...

    Thanks i will check into that and post how it works here.

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